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How can GUIDE help you?

Meet Guide


Your Personal Pathfinder

GUIDE is designed to help employees find a place in their new culture, for better collaboration and help employers with retention, engagement, and productivity.


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How can GUIDE help you?

How it works

How it works

GUIDE is an interactive bot who helps employees through the onboarding process and transition period during "ramp up" and subsequently as they find their niche within employee culture. Unlike regular HR tools, GUIDE is fun, personal and interactive. 

The unboxing

The Unboxing 

The journey starts here, when a new employee receives their onboarding package, with branded swag, and scans the QR code to upload GUIDE.

Speak to an employee in their preferred language & pronouns.

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Keep you up to date on all the latest news and company events.

Suggest clubs, activities and events want to attend. 

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Introduce you to your new team and boss and help break with ice by sharing personal interests. 

Why does it matter?

Why does it matter?

Studies show that having a range of voices at the table leads to better company innovation and growth. But for employees, landing the offer is only the start of their journey. A new employee needs to feel secure in their role. When Employers look for a “culture fit” they run the risk of creating a monoculture stemming from “like me” bias. Guide is designed to respect each person’s unique difference so they feel comfortable enough to show up as their authentic selves. GUIDE encourages trust and interaction among teammates so that each person's ideas hold value leading to better employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

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"I like that GUIDE can help me understand how decision-making flows relevant to my role: Where to go for what and what questions to ask"

- Allen, Zonehaven

"I appreciate how GUIDE helps employees feel comfortable bringing their authentic selves to work and meets them where they're at"

- Heather, Program Manager, Google


Meet our team!

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CJ, big picture thinker, strategizer, illustrator & copywriter

Krishna, resident delineator, content researcher, speculator and all round improviser 

Urvashi, content synthesizer, brand ideator, convergent thinker and user experience designer

Niki, head honcho designer, content ideator, stabilizer & no holds barred hustler.

Michelle, our resident deep-diver, systems thinker, interaction designer & critical interlocker

We're a motley crew who converged at the crossroads of an an onboarding bot named GUIDE. 

Between us, we've lived in five countries, speak twelve languages, have five children, two step-children, one ex-husband, two dogs and one cat. Among us we are Gen X, Y, and Z. We are she/her; he/him; queer, straight, white, and brown.


GUIDE is a product close to our hearts.

On this journey we've learned how to hold space for each other, accept critique, appreciate each other's difference in work styles and above all discovered the importance acceptance and respect for a productive team.

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